Kaya Kaya


Event marketing (10K+ Tickets sold)

Content creation

Social media management

Press point of contact

The Kaya Kaya Festival is a celebration of all the hard work that has been put in elevating and maintaining the Ser’i Otrobanda district. The Festival also aims at boosting the economic opportunities of the district by providing a platform for vendors and artists from- and outside the district.

Kaya Kaya is a well known festival that takes place every year. The goal of Kaya Kaya was to not only sell the festival, but to tell people the story behind the purpose of the festival. High on Digitals now forms part of the Kaya Kaya Core Team and assists the organizers in marketing, social media management and content creation. High on Digitals was also the point of contact for press and other forms of communication. In August of 2022, we managed to sell out the festival with more than 10.000 tickets sold.

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